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Waterfalls in Winter

Do you see what I see at the top of this image? The ice sculpture of a mamma hippo and a baby hippo kissing? (Another viewer said it was a mother and child manatee, and that's okay. I will accept that interpretation as well.)

Our water features can run all winter long, even here in the northeast. I have not had one freeze up yet. And every time it gets cold enough overnight, I wake to a brand new ice sculpture like this one.

We do not recommend stomping on the ice to break it up, as this can dislodge some of the boulders, and we don't want that. (But we're here for you for repairs.) We really feel it's best to let the flowing water thaw the ice on its own. Sometimes there's a crystal shell over the top of a section, but you can still hear and see the water flowing underneath. And then, when the morning sunshine hits that thin coating of ice, you get rainbows! It's magical.

Maggie likes to meditate every morning outside by one of our waterfalls. In the winter when it's too cold for that, she meditates inside, but opens a window just a little bit, so she can hear the laughter of the falls, and imagine she's sitting out beside them.

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